An Historical overview of The Heinz Complex in Pittsburgh

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This article is an overview of the history of Heinz Complex along with brief description about the historical importance it holds in the city of Pittsburgh. A young German immigrant Henry John Heinz, the founder of Heinz Food company grew his Pittsburgh headquarters in 4 major stages over a period of 120 years, expanding the … More An Historical overview of The Heinz Complex in Pittsburgh

Team Building Day!

–Everyone needs an escape now and then, and specially in a profession as tedious as Architecture, you definitely need some time away from your desk or computer screen.– As a part of our RNC getaway and making our lives easier, The Team Sandvick decided to spend a day at the Put-in-bay island located 15 miles … More Team Building Day!

Hercules Engine Plant, Canton OH

Sitting on  26-acres of vacant industrial property constructed between 1850-1950, is the famous Hercules Motors Company.  Schematic design began on this project in 2004 executed by Sandvick Architects. Located at the southern edge of Downtown canton, Ohio, Hercules was one of the world’s largest producers of internal combustion engine at one time, and has since been successfully … More Hercules Engine Plant, Canton OH