Team Building Day!

–Everyone needs an escape now and then, and specially in a profession as tedious as Architecture, you definitely need some time away from your desk or computer screen.–

As a part of our RNC getaway and making our lives easier, The Team Sandvick decided to spend a day at the Put-in-bay island located 15 miles to north-west of Sandusky’s.

The Sandvick’s crew gathered together at the Sandusky’s Ferry station with the cool teal team T-shirts which we all were excited to customize according to our own style! From crop tops, tanks, fringes to paintings & experiments involving tie & dye, we were all over it and enjoyed this one for sure.

So much creativity in our office.

Lunching at the famous Boardwalk restaurant with great views of Lake Erie, we all spend great time together allowing ourselves to bond outside of the workplace getting to know each other better at a personal level, an opportunity that doesn’t always present itself during the daily grind.

On the way to Boardwalk.
Put-in-bay trip
The teal team!

Gathering the crew outside the office in a casual atmosphere makes it easy to make better bonding & form new memories while having fun. 

Now did you know that the Great Lakes have Islands? Because they do! Thousands of little ones, in fact, and a handful of larger ones that are actually inhabited. Put-in-bay is one the large ones, and has a lot to explore. From bike rides & golf carts to yachting and great restaurants, its even got a National Memorial to commemorate a naval battle that took place in Lake Erie in 1813 called Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial. 

IMG_6202 IMG_6205


The best Monday ever so far, had not been possible without our Team Leader Jonathan Sandvick.



Until next,

Team Sandvick.


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