Hercules Engine Plant, Canton OH

Sitting on  26-acres of vacant industrial property constructed between 1850-1950, is the famous Hercules Motors Company.  Schematic design began on this project in 2004 executed by Sandvick Architects. Located at the southern edge of Downtown canton, Ohio, Hercules was one of the world’s largest producers of internal combustion engine at one time, and has since been successfully placed on the list of National Register of Historic Places making itself eligible for both State and Federal Historic Tax Credits.

IMG_3690                                  South-west corner, building 23


                                   Looking towards North-west side, Phase I.

The 610,000 sq.ft  of project site is being redesigned into a residential and community hub that will include 90 apartment units & large amenities in the first phase of  redevelopment. The future phases are slated to include more residential, retail, restaurants and offices.

Jonathan Sandvick, the Principal Architect of the firm has been working closely with the team to make the project unique to the area creating a lively & livable environment. Laura Gagnon, a Registered Architect & Project Manager, feels that the buildings have strong existing historical elements such as exposed brickwork & heavy timber roof trusses that need to be preserved as a part of the design strategy in order to maintain the overall integrity of the space. An important part of the site is building 22, the Boiler House, which will be re-designed as an interesting feature of the whole complex, providing a large communal space for the users.


                                               South Facade, building 21.

                      West facade of building No.20, currently demolished. 

With demolition just beginning on Phase I, The Hercules Complex is expected to be a model for urban & historically sensitive re-development in the city while enhancing the quality of life of the neighborhood, and restoring the heritage &  the character of the city of Canton. The project is not only  economically viable, but that will act as a catalyst for the City of Canton as well.

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Sandvick Architect’s Team.

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